Bacon Wrapped Green Bean recipes for Christmas dinner


Absolutely healthy and entertaining!

Enjoy soft and tender green beans wrapped in crispy caramelized bacon, then tossed in a garlic tomato sauce with the perfect blend of Cajun flavors.

Not only does bacon adds delectable savory flavors to our bacon-wrapped green beans, but it also makes our side dish aesthetically pleasing to the eyes...the taste won’t disappoint, either.

Even your picky-eater kid won’t have trouble eating these healthy treats and will surely enjoy munching on them. I guarantee that! 😉

The crispy caramelized bacon brings out the best flavor of this recipe, not to mention the special Cajun tomato sauce covering these babies.

Baking them locks all the flavor inside and adds the perfect crisp to our bacon. Aah! No wonder they came out fantabulously D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

This one is a simple recipe you can quickly whip up any time. And it’s made with a reasonably short list of ingredients you can easily find in your pantry.

You can make these Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans ahead of time to make easy meal prep for the whole week. Just follow the instructions and line them up in a container or a baking dish.

Boiling the green beans for too long and not putting them in cold water after can result in soggy beans. Blanching is strongly recommended.

Green beans are done when they are tender. But they may need more time to cook if they are still a little tough. However, it entirely depends on how you like your green beans, soft or chewy.

So, don’t forget to grab a bunch of green beans and bacon on your next grocery shopping trip and try this simple recipe.