Easy, Healthy, Flavorful Fish Dish

Unveiling the Rockfish

Less renowned than salmon or tuna, rockfish's firm flesh suits various recipes like fish and chips or tacos. Some even enjoy it raw in sashimi. But why bake it?

Rockfish Variety

Rockfish covers various species like Pacific snapper, red snapper, rock cod, perch, and northern rockfish. They thrive amidst rocks in the Pacific Ocean.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Pull the fillets out of the fridge 30 mins before baking for even cooking. Pat dry for crispy results. An instant-read thermometer ensures perfect doneness at 140°F/60℃. An opaque, flaky texture signals readiness.

Discover an easy, economical, and undeniably delicious baked rockfish recipe. Elevate your meal in just 20 minutes with simple seasonings, veggies, and lemon.