Healthy Alternatives:

Discover Canola Oil Substitutes for Cooking

Grapeseed Oil

This economical oil, a winemaking byproduct from seeded grapes, serves as a neutral-flavored substitute for canola oil, one of my top picks.

Vegetable Oil

Suitable for high heat, often contains less-healthy options like corn, soy, cottonseed, peanut, and canola oils. Yet, in a pinch, it substitutes for canola oil.

Safflower Oil

Overlooked but healthy. High smoke point (450-500℉/℃) & neutral taste make it perfect for deep frying.

Sunflower Oil

Standby for salad dressing & frying. Neutral flavor, high smoke point (450-490℉/232-255℃). Great for mayo.

Avocado Oil

Expensive but best for crispy fries! Avocado oil: 520℉ smoke point, perfect for deep-frying.

Melted Butter or Ghee

Butter (300℉/150℃) for baking, ghee (482℉/250℃) for frying. Easy to make clarified butter with longer shelf life.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil: healthiest but has robust flavor & low smoke point (320-400℉/℃), not suitable for frying.

Coconut Oil

Refined coconut oil: neutral flavor, higher smoke point (400℉/204℃). Ideal for muffins, desserts, and coconut milk dishes.


Lard: misunderstood. Great for paleo, keto. Best for pie crust, tortillas. Potatoes fried in lard = delicious.