Can You Freeze Raw Collard Greens?

plus Easy to Make Southern Collard Greens Recipe

To freeze raw collard greens, wash them to remove dirt and debris and remove the tough stems and ribs.


blanch them, cool them in ice water, pack them into airtight freezer bags or containers, label and freeze for up to 8-12 months. 

Collard greens, a must-have soul food ingredient, offer a comforting and nourishing flavor.

Their flavor peaks during cooler months, making them an ideal holiday side dish. We're putting a Southern twist on this dish that West African cuisine has already mastered, for a scrumptious experience.

When combined with ham hocks, bacon, onion, garlic, and Immaculate Bites salt-free Creole Seasoning, life gets even better.

Saute chopped bacon for 6-7 mins till brown. Add 1 tbsp oil (2 tbsp pot grease), onions, garlic, and ham hocks. Saute for 3-5 mins.