Caribbean Boiled Dumplings

Both straightforward and remarkably flavorful, making it an ideal complement to saucy stews and soups, in addition to our beloved rice and bread.

Recipe Ingredients

Don't be intimidated by the kneading process, it's like playing with dough until it's ready. Plus, you only need four ingredients for these Caribbean dumplings, making it a simple recipe.

How to Make Boiled Dumplings

To make Caribbean dumplings, combine flour, cornmeal, and salt. Add water gradually and knead for 5-6 minutes. Rest the dough for 10-15 minutes under a cloth to soften it.

To shape dumplings, tear off dough and flatten the middle. Boil them in water and oil for 20-25 minutes until they float. Remove them with a slotted spoon and serve hot with stew or veggies.

Tips and Tricks

Add dumplings to soup 15 minutes before it's done. Make them uniform in size and stir occasionally to prevent sticking. Adjust water and flour as needed for the dough consistency.

How do you tell when the boiled dumplings are done?

When the food items float, they're cooked. Remove and drain in 20-25 mins.

What do boiled dumplings taste like?

While they may taste bland alone, pairing them with savory dishes takes them to a new level of deliciousness and satisfaction.

Is it better to fry or boil dumplings?

Boiled dumplings are healthier but less visually appealing, whereas fried dumplings are more enjoyable and maintain their shape better.

Consider boiled Caribbean dumplings - easy, affordable, and delicious. What's your preferred pairing?