Caribbean-Inspired Johnny Cakes

Caribbean-Inspired Johnny Cakes

Simple and delicious way to add Caribbean flavor to your meals.

Jonny cakes are everywhere in Belize. These unsweetened biscuits are a staple that you can't escape.

A beloved Caribbean quick bread made with coconut milk, these easy to make and incredibly addictive bread - I can never stop at just one!

Adjust the sweetness of your Jonny cakes at home by adding sugar to your liking. Try both sweet and unsweetened versions to find your favorite.

Johnny cakes were once known as journey cakes, perfect for road trips as they could stay fresh for weeks. Surprised?

Caribbean and Southern American Jonny cakes - cornmeal, milk, and butter biscuits - make a delicious breakfast treat!

Made with flour, coconut milk, baking powder, salt, and sugar, these biscuits are a versatile delight served with any meal.