Crispy, Creamy, & Economical

Chicken Fried Steak

Prep the Steak

Start by patting dry your choice of steak and pounding it to ⅛-¼ inch thickness. Season with Cajun spice for that extra kick.

Flour Mixture, dredging process

Create a flavor-packed coating: flour, cornstarch, paprika, spices. Dip steak in flour, milk bath, then flour again for double coating. Press firmly to make flour stick. Perfectly crispy.

The Sizzle

Heat oil to 350°F; it should sizzle, not smoke. Gently place the coated steak into the skillet for 2-3 minutes each side until golden brown.

Drain and Rest

Remove the steak from the skillet, let excess oil drain, and place on paper towels. Keep them warm while we make the mouthwatering gravy.

The creamy gravy

Pour off oil, keep drippings. Whisk 3 tbsp oil, flour, cook to remove raw taste. Slowly add milk, stir to avoid lumps. Simmer till creamy (8-10 mins). Pour over steaks.