cocktail sauce

Spicy Dip Recipe for Shrimp and Seafood

Hosting a Potluck Bash! 🎉

This weekend, prepping for a gathering with homemade cocktail sauce. Ready for a flavor fiesta!

Secrets of Cocktail Sauce 🍤

Not just for shrimp – pairs with crab, oysters, even salmon! Tangy zest and spicy kick - homemade beats store-bought!

Crafting the Perfect Dip 🥢

Blend ketchup, chili sauce, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish. A 5-minute whirlwind of flavors!

Chill for Flavors to Fuse ❄️

Pop it in the fridge before serving. Let those zesty, spicy notes meld. Avoid a 'spicy ketchup' letdown!

Versatile Sauce Galore 🌟

From a shrimp dip to a glaze for calamari or meatloaf. Add mayo for a creamy twist. Your culinary hero awaits!