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Creamed corn easy recipe


Even the picky eaters are over the moon with this recipe

I haven’t served this creamed corn to someone who didn’t go for seconds. Even the picky eaters are over the moon with this recipe.

Sweet corn will always be sweet corn – a versatile summer, or perhaps, year-round favorite.

But when sweet corn is simmered in a milky and buttery bath, well, that’d be pure bliss!

Pulping the corn kernels off the corn cob and releasing its milky residue makes the base for this cozy side dish.

Then added with sugar and starch and some people add milk and cream to create a creamy texture that coats each kernel.

If you don’t have easy access to fresh corn in your area, you can always use frozen corn or canned corn to create this creamed corn dish.

Furthermore, adding a kick of garlic and heat into this creamed corn makes it even more interesting.

You’ll taste the smooth creamy texture on your first spoonful, and you’ll pick up some notes of garlic flavor and a bit of warmth from my homemade creole seasoning.

You won’t dream to be anywhere else than to be on your couch, watching your favorite TV show with a big bowl of this creamy, cozy and delicious creamed corn.

This makes a great side dish or as a dessert, if snacking corn is your thing like it is mine. 😉