bread recipe

How To Make Easter Bread

Proof the yeast - Dissolve in 5 min with mixer or resting, then microwave butter, sugar, salt for 1 min and stir until melted. Cool and mix in egg, keeping mixture warm.

Knead the dough - Mix flour, add more for soft dough, knead 6-7 min on floured surface until smooth and elastic. Place in greased bowl, cover and let rise for 2 hours. Prepare dyed eggs during rise.

Dye the Eggs - Boil 4 cups water. Divide water among bowls, add 1 tsp vinegar & food coloring. Gently place eggs in each bowl, let sit 5 min. Remove with slotted spoon, place on rack to dry.

Divide the Dough - Punch and knead dough after it doubles, then shape into individual or Easter bread pieces.

Brading and Shaping the Dough:  - Stretch/Roll the Dough - Braid the Dough. - Prep the Oven and Dough.  - Bake and Apply the Icing.

Baking and Decorating Individual Easter Bread: - Twist the Dough - Tuck the Eggs - Prep the Oven and the Dough - Bake and Apply the Icing