Italian dish in just 30 minutes

After a little research and some experimenting in my own kitchen, I found that making Florentine chicken is surprisingly easy.

With a few customizations, I came up with a recipe that is somehow even better than the dish I tried at the restaurant.

Plus, protein and greens on one plate! What’s not to love?

Florentine chicken is essentially breaded, fried chicken breasts served over a bed or spinach and doused in a cream-based sauce.

The cream sauce in this recipe really elevates the chicken and spinach, IMO.

Recipe Ingredients

- Chicken breast - Spinach - Herbs and spices - Heavy cream - White wine - Chicken broth


How to Make Florentine Chicken


Serve this awesome saucy dish as soon as you plate it! Florentine chicken tastes best steaming hot, fresh off the stovetop.

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