SPATCHCOCK TURKEY RECIPE - Quick and Easy Way to Roast Your Thanksgiving Bird


I bake spatchcocked turkey at 400℉/℃, and a 12-pounder is ready in less than an hour. Honestly!

So What is Spatchcocking?

It’s a fancy term for butterflying poultry, and it allows the turkey to cook more evenly, creating a mouthwatering feast.

Don’t let it scare you because it is super easy!

The Skin

All of the skin is beautifully golden and crunchy.  Yes, the crunchy skin is my favorite part  of the bird, and spatchcocking it gives me more of a good thing. 😊


Rest the turkey for about 10 minutes to retain juices. It’s easier to slice the turkey before taking it to the table. However, it increases the family fun if the bird goes whole. 

Absolutely! By cutting out the backbone and spreading the turkey out in the roasting pan, it bakes faster and more evenly for a juicier turkey.

Does spatchcock  turkey cook faster?

You’ll never want to go back to the old way of roasting a turkey. 😉

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Spatchcocking Works  Great for Turkey.