I happen to have an unnatural obsession with bread. I mean, I always have some frozen dough stashed in my freezer - in case my cravings wake me up at wee hours. 😂

Let’s get started!

You’ll need to use rapid rise yeast (instant dry yeast, quick yeast, instant yeast) to make fluffy and soft rolls in just an hour.

Let’s get started!


If mixing by hand, turn dough into floured board and mix

Divide dough into 15 pieces and roll to form balls. For even balls you might want to use a scale to measure evenly.

Bake rolls until golden brown.

Serve this heavenly-smelling One Hour Dinner Rolls during special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Soft, fluffy, tender – everything you want in a dinner roll is right here. Made in just an hour from start to finish.