pie crust easy recipe


Start mastering the art of making pie crust with this very simple recipe.

Deliciously flaky and incredibly easy, learning HOW TO MAKE PIE CRUST is as easy as,  well, a pie!

I totally adore everything about pies. You might ask “even the crust?” Yes! ESPECIALLY the crust!

So here’s a simple recipe to make pie crusts at home that will make you think twice about buying store-bought ones.

You only need a few ingredients for this homemade pie crust recipe. You can use your hands to mix and make the pie dough to get a better feel of it.

- Combine the flour, sugar, and salt.

Making the dough

- Dice the butter and the shortening.

- Add the flour and sugar mixture. Cut the butter and shortening into flour mixture.

- Slowly stir in 2  tablespoons of water at a time in the flour mixture.

- Light knead the pie dough.

Forming the Pie Crust

- Divide the dough in half.

- Wrap the dough in saran wrap or plastic.

- Chill in the fridge for about an hour and up to 3 days for best results.

- Roll out the dough, working from the center of the dough

Rolling it out

- Place rolling pin on one edge of the pie crust and carefully roll the pie crust

- Gently press the dough into the shape of the pie pan.

- Save the rest of the dough for later use. Prick your pie dough before baking.