Sancocho recipe


Soul satisfying Caribbean stew

Sancocho is a traditional stew famous in several Latin American countries, like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Sancocho enjoys several variations, but the common factor is that its a hearty stew or soup with your choice of meat, broth, vegetables, and tubers.

For this recipe, I adopted the Puerto Rican version, then added my own spin to amp up the flavor of this mighty fine comfort food. 😉

Sancocho’s main ingredients feature meat, vegetables, and tubers. The meat usually includes pork, beef, chicken, or fish with smoked ham or sausage.

As for the carbs, popular choices are yuca, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, winter squash, and green plantains.

Although this dish is quite enjoyable on its own, nothing beats pouring sancocho over a warm bed of rice. Aah! It’s happiness on a plate. I can eat this combo all day! 👌

I suggest storing leftover sancocho in serving-size containers for easy meal prep. The individual servings are also easier to thaw and reheat.

This super easy sancocho recipe will surely blow you away with how hearty and flavorful it is.