Quick, easy, super-duper tasty, guaranteed preservative-free!

It’s okay to indulge in fast-food French fries sometimes because they are undeniably delicious. But they’re even better made at home and healthier, too.

So if you have the time, why not make these Seasoned Fries from scratch instead?

Even better, you can have unlimited refills without spending much. Honestly, spices and potatoes are probably the most economical treats you can make for your family. 

What you’ll love most about this seasoning recipe is that you can easily customize it to your palate. A few herbs and spices are all it takes to make the magic happen.

Whether you want them spicy, sweet, or salty, you can do all of that with a few ingredient adjustments. 😉 And I swear, they’ll be the best-est fries you’ll ever have.

Your kids will surely enjoy these seasoned fries. And since they’re homemade, our fries are preservative-free.

Plus, you can enjoy them anytime you want guilt-free. So no more lining up and waiting for your orders to come. Yay!

Let’s shake these babies up a bit with this easy French fry seasoning to enjoy these fries with style!