Healthy, Hearty Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Meal  

Shakshuka Recipe

Learn to say 'shack-SHOE-kah'! Once a tongue twister, now my favorite healthy breakfast, loved even by my picky eater son. A tasty skillet for any meal. 😉

Customize spice in egg-tomato dish with cumin, paprika, chili powder. Add cayenne for extra heat. Make it your own!

Is Shakshuka Spicy?

– oil – onion and garlic – bell pepper – tomatoes – cumin – paprika – chili powder – eggs – cilantro and parsley – avocado, bread or crumbled cheese for serving

Shakshuka Ingredients

See what I’m talking about? Healthy, filling and easy to make meal all made in one pot. What else could you ask for?