Vibrant, juicy, and super easy Smoked Shrimp

a versatile recipe that goes well as an appetizer or main course.

My friends were amazed to find out that I had smoked my shrimp. Oh yes! And it was totally delicious.

I’m not gonna lie; it’s a pretty delicate dish that you have to keep an eye on to cook it perfectly. But I also know you can make these super addicting dishes for your friends and family.

This smoked shrimp recipe infuses the smoky flavor of your favorite woodchips with the juicy shrimp taste. Even better, it goes well with a lot of ingredients such as butter, garlic, and more.

One reason this recipe is so addicting is that it’s so simple and uses easy-to-find ingredients.

Devein and peel

How to Smoke Shrimp

Mix the Seasonings

Apply the Seasoning

Place the shrimp in the smoker. Make sure that there are spaces between so that they don’t overlap when they cook.

Check the smoker after 15-20 minutes to see if it’s done. If it shows all the signs that it’s done, take it out of the smoker. It’s easy to overcook, so be very careful.

Serve with your favorite dip and some lemon wedges.

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