Moist, tender, flavorful Southern Meatloaf - Why is this famous comfort food incredibly moist?


This fantastic Southern meatloaf saved me from a party emergency last week. I totally forgot about the party (I blame it on my mommy brain)

But I didn’t show up empty-handed because of this super easy recipe. What a lifesaver!

This Southern meatloaf recipe is incredibly moist and tender, making it one of the most famous comfort foods. 

In fact, October 18th is National Meatloaf Appreciation Day. This superstar boasts sensational flavors from incredible spices, with or without the glaze.

What keeps this Southern meatloaf moist?

There are many contributing factors in keeping the meatloaf moist. Fats, but should be less than 15%, so it doesn’t get too greasy. Milk is a great meat tenderizer.

Eggs add fat and hold it all together. And, of course, the glaze also locks in the juiciness.

This traditional meatloaf is one of the dishes I love eating growing up. How about you? What was your favorite dish growing up? IMMACULATEBITES wants to know.❤️