Roll Soup


quick and easy, feeds a crowd


The only thing in this world that could be better than stuffed cabbage rolls is stuffed cabbage roll soup.

This recipe is my take on the classic, grandmother-approved dish that is always a cozy choice for a family dinner.

Best of all, by turning it into a soup, you get all that lovely cabbage roll deliciousness for a fraction of the time and effort. 🙌

I’m all about recipes that are quick, easy to throw together and can easily feed a crowd, and stuffed cabbage roll soup ticks both of those boxes.

Basically, this soup is an un-stuffed version of a classic Polish recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls.

Quick and easy, has all the nourishing ingredients and satisfying flavors you get with the traditional recipe.

Tips and Tricks 1. Stir the soup pretty frequently while it’s cooking to keep ground beef and rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot.


Complete Recipe and Cooking Instruction