Side dish

sweet potato biscuits


Trust me when I say there will be no leftovers

Who doesn’t love a fluffy, steamy biscuit fresh out of the oven, especially when slathered in butter? 😇

As usual, a little Southern thrift turned a classic recipe into something equally amazing.

This sweet potato biscuit recipe calls for sweet potatoes – a root vegetable that is cheap and abundant, not to mention flavorful.

Honestly, this easy recipe for sweet potato biscuits is one of my favorites! It only calls for six ingredients.

You can whip it up in a flash, and the biscuits turn out ultra-moist with an incredibly delicious earthy flavor that is second to none. 💯

I love to make this sweet potato biscuit recipe as a side to savory meals like roast turkey or baked chicken leg quarters.

But they work well with just about any meal you want to serve bread with. But I also love to make these for breakfast.

A hot cup of coffee and a warm sweet potato biscuit slathered in honey butter or homemade jam is an amazing way to kick off the day.