Get ready to say "ole" to this meaty delight!

Burrito Steak

Mexican dish that'll make your taste buds dance with joy.

Meal planning can become repetitive, but it's okay to try something new. For me, introducing tortillas into my household led to endless recipe possibilities and a break from the norm.

What makes this Mexican dish extra moist is this Tomatillo and Tomato Salsa.

This is one of  my ways to indulge on tortilla- Burritos loaded with beans, Mexican rice, Steak, onions, beans, avocados and more .

Customize your office lunch with reheatable burritos featuring mashed beans, Spanish rice, shrimp, vegetarian options, and healthier versions.

I utilized leftover rice and steak in this recipe, but when I'm in a hurry, I often turn to plain canned beans or refried canned beans.

Juicy Steak Burritos filled with flavorful marinated Carne Asada, cheese, rice, avocados, and Tomatillo Salsa.