Then including a good pork chop brine can be one of the best steps to level up your meat dish experience!

Tired of dry-cooked pork chops?

Make the best use of some easily accessible seasoning and herbs to liven up your chops.

When cooked, pork chops usually become dry and rubbery.😐 I’m sure you’ve had an experience before.

But don’t worry because I’ll help you make this nice cut of meat into a masterpiece!

And no matter how you want to cook it, you’ll never encounter that sad pork chop again, EVER!😎

Soaking them eat in a salt-water-sugar solution (A.K.A brine) adds flavor to the chops even before cooking.

It also helps the meat to retain moisture and flavor because of the added herbs and spices (you can choose your own ingredients).

Using a brine makes the meat more flavorful and tender than a chop that has not been soaked in brine.

The brine is just one part of the full pork chop experience.