Roasted Turkey Thighs  Tips & Tricks

Oven Moisture 💦  Keep turkey juicy! Place a shot of water in the oven to prevent dry thighs during roasting.

tip #1

Elevate & Roast 🦃🥕  Elevate turkey above veggies like potatoes and carrots. The hot air roasts both, cooking turkey faster & flavors veggies.

tip #2

tip #2

Air Circulation 🌬️  Create space for air to circulate beneath turkey. Veggies roast, turkey cooks evenly—perfect without an oven rack!

tip #3

Preserve Juices 🍖🍲  Don’t waste drippings! Save flavorful juices for basting or transform them into delicious gravy. Enhance your dish!

tip #4

Flavorful Delight 😋🍽️  With these tips, savor a succulent, flavorful turkey every time. Elevate your roast game and impress your guests!

tip #5