Smothered chicken recipe


Perfectly tender and juicy fried chicken recipe in a savory, creamy gravy

Your family will be sitting around the dining room table enjoying this classic Southern meal in just around an hour.

This deliciousness works even for a stay-at-home dinner date when you feel like spoiling your loved ones.

The savory, herby flavor with a little kick in every spoonful will make everyone happy.

And if you want more gravy, double that part of the recipe and shamelessly pour it all over your steaming rice or mashed potatoes. I won’t judge! 😉

Yes! I guarantee you it’s 100% easier than it looks. I’ve made this homemade gravy countless times, and it’s foolproof!

For a darker gravy, cook the flour for a longer time over low heat. But if you want a lighter gravy, cook the flour for less time over high heat while whisking continuously.

After serving straight from the stove, you can garnish the chicken with bacon bits, chives, parsley, or any other garnish you love.

I love this meal with steaming white rice or garlic mashed potatoes. Biscuits are also an amazing side. Basically, any side dish that will benefit from a splash of gravy is a winner. 🤤

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