Classic Churros Recipe

Classic Churros Recipe

Irresistible Mexican Dessert, snack Treats

Learn how to make one of Mexico's most popular and beloved desserts, snacks - CHURROS!

To make churros at home, you will need the following ingredients:

Churros Coating and Dip Options:

Cinnamon-sugar and chocolate sauce coated churros are a classic, but try other dips like caramel or Nutella.

Tips to make perfect churros:

Fry churros at 375ºF, 3-4 at a time. Use shorter churros for easy flipping and watch for golden brown color. Roll warm churros in cinnamon-sugar mixture for best coating.

Step-by-Step Churros Recipe Instructions:

Cinnamon sugar: Mix ½ cup sugar with cinnamon in a bowl. Plate prep: Line a plate with paper towels.

Batter: In saucepan, boil water, sugar, butter, and salt. Remove from heat, whisk in flour.

Batter: Mix until softball, cool for 2-3 min. Transfer to bowl, add eggs and vanilla. Use electric mixer, mix until smooth.

How To Fry Churros

Pipe churros, fry until golden, drain excess oil, roll in cinnamon-sugar mixture, and repeat with remaining dough.

Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate dip: Whisk chocolate, cream, and vanilla in small saucepan until melted and smooth (3-5 mins). Serve warm with churros.

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